what|ev|er [ wat`evər, hwat`evər ] function word ***
Whatever can be used in the following ways:
as a relative pronoun (starting a relative clause that is the subject, object, or complement of another clause):
You can choose whatever you like.
as a determiner (followed by a noun and introducing a relative clause):
We'll be ready at whatever time you get here.
as a question pronoun (starting a question):
Whatever do you mean?
as a conjunction (connecting two clauses):
We must stay together whatever happens.
as an adverb (after a noun or pronoun in a negative sentence):
There is nothing whatever to worry about.
1. ) anything or everything used for referring to anything or everything that happens or is available, needed, wanted, etc.:
Now you are free to do whatever you want.
We will be grateful for whatever help you can give us.
Whatever project he works on is always successful.
Whatever happened between Julius and me is none of your business.
whatever else: Pack some clothes and whatever else you need for the trip.
2. ) when something does not matter
a ) used for saying that what happens or what is true is not important, because it makes no difference to the situation:
You know that you have our full support whatever you decide.
Whatever happens in the these elections, things will never be the same again.
Any business, whatever its size, can benefit from a management training program.
If you are unable to find work, for whatever reason, our advisers will be there to help you.
b ) SPOKEN used for saying that you do not mind which thing is chosen:
What can I offer you? Coffee, tea, lemonade? Oh, I don't care. Whatever.
3. ) used for emphasizing a question SPOKEN used for emphasizing what in a question to show that you are surprised, interested, upset, or annoyed:
Whatever happened to that artist friend of yours?
Whatever are you doing indoors on such a beautiful day?
Whatever will I do without you?
4. ) at all used with a noun for emphasis in a negative statement:
I have no intention whatever of joining such a foolish enterprise.
5. ) used for showing that you are annoyed about something SPOKEN used for saying in an annoyed way that you will not try to change what someone thinks, says, or does, even though you do not agree with it:
They say we all have to come in for the meeting on Saturday. Whatever.
6. ) something you do not know SPOKEN used for referring to something when you do not know what it is:
You there, whatever your name is, come and stand here.
He said there were technical difficulties, whatever that means.
or whatever SPOKEN
or anything else of the same kind:
I used to meet customers in bars and restaurants or whatever, and we'd do our business there.
whatever you do MAINLY SPOKEN
used for emphasis when you are warning someone that is very important to do or not to do something:
Whatever you do, don't lend him money.
whatever you say/whatever you think (is) best SPOKEN
used for telling someone that you are ready to accept their decision, especially when you do not really agree with them but you do not want to argue:
I think we should deal with this matter ourselves. Oh, all right. Whatever you say.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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